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Teenage Pregnancy - What You Need To Know

Most teenage girls don't plan to get pregnant, but many do. Teen pregnancies carry extra health risks to both the mother and the baby. Often, teens don't get prenatal care soon enough, which can lead to problems later on. They have a higher risk for pregnancy-related high blood pressure and its complications. Risks for the baby include premature birth and a low birth weight.

If you're a pregnant teen, you can help yourself and your baby by:
• Getting regular prenatal care
• Taking your prenatal vitamins for your health and to prevent some birth defects
• Avoiding smoking, alcohol, and drugs
• Using a condom, if you are having sex, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases that could hurt your baby

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9 Ways To Prevent Your Teen's Pregnancy


It does not take looking an episode of MTV's Teen Mom for mothers everywhere to understand that they had prefer no longer to address a query that Circle of Moms member Kayleigh L. Posed: "What might you do in case your 15 to 17-yr-old daughter got here to you to tell you she is pregnant?"

What Circle of Moms individuals say they do recognise is that preventing a youngster daughter from getting pregnant is not as easy as hoping that sex education training in faculty will do the trick. Here, they percentage techniques and tips for supporting their excessive school-elderly daughters prevent being pregnant.

1. Have the Sex Talk

It sounds apparent, but many Circle of Moms members say that they cannot emphasize enough the importance of sitting down with their daughters and sharing all of the facts approximately sex and start control -- information they need to make critical choices approximately their our bodies, their selves and their futures. "I plan on teaching my youngsters about secure sex and birth manipulate when they begin studying approximately it in school," says Jen B.  "I will allow them to understand that they could come to us when they think they're approximately to turn out to be sexually active. I know that it's getting more difficult and more difficult for teenagers not to have intercourse so I plan on keeping my kids completely knowledgeable on a way to be safe."

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2. Explain Safe Sex

Explaining delivery manipulate options is an vital part of instructing your teen daughter approximately safe sex, shows many Circle of Moms members. "As a mother, I am already teaching my kids approximately safe intercourse," says Christina M. "My 10-12 months-old knows what horrible sicknesses intercourse can reason and the way most of them may be removed by using just carrying a condom properly. We will preserve condoms available in our domestic at all times whilst our kids are young adults because even as we don't want our youngsters to be having sex as teens, we realize we can not prevent it. We need them to be secure."

The "talk" about secure intercourse should additionally encompass what sound asleep with a boyfriend method emotionally on your daughter, says Dyan B. "I might talk to them approximately sex and what it includes emotionally and bodily, and how surprised I changed into myself by the emotional attachment I had to the accomplice after having sex for the first time," she says, including that if her daughter nevertheless comes to a decision to have intercourse, she would additionally explain the significance of condoms and start manipulate. "I might absolutely reiterate the importance of condoms — even when on the pill. "

3. Teach Her to Respect Herself

Numerous Circle of Moms members say it is a mom's process to encourage her daughter to care approximately herself emotionally in addition to physically. As Sarah elaborates, "Don't just 'be there;' you've got to speak to her, ask her questions, explain to her how boys her age act and why they seem to always want intercourse....Stuff like that. I suppose if girls have accurate mother and father and discover ways to care about themselves, they might not have cross seeking out interest in a boyfriend, and maybe they may not make the choice of now not being careful at some stage in sex. With my women, I will teach them (and am presently coaching this to them now) that they could continually come to me with any query about something. They can always inform me their feelings about anything, irrespective of what. I can even train them the way to have self manipulate...And how to mention 'no' to any advances they'll get from boys."

4. Encourage Abstinence

Many faculties promote abstinence as the great desire, and numerous mothers trust in underscoring this message with their daughters. "I will even emphasize abstinence as an option as we get into greater exact information," says Jenny C. Approximately how she plans to educate her now seven-yr-old daughter about the "facts of life." Teresa also plans to comply with spiritual teachings at the significance of abstinence and says she can be "emphasizing how it's far God's plan that they watch for marriage."

5. Lay Out the Consequences

It may also sound harsh, but many Circle of Moms participants say they have got had to be very frank with their daughters and explain that in the event that they get pregnant and have a toddler, they ought to not expect their moms to step up and take at the parenting responsibilities. As Dyan B. Explains, "I might provide my guide, but make it clean that I might not be a mom to that infant." And Kellie says she might make it a factor to provide an explanation for the realities of dwelling existence as a teen mom. "Of course, teens do realise -- specially once they have them -- that toddlers aren't just cool add-ons ... When you are 17-years-vintage, you have to be out together with your buddies."

And Christina M. Says she plans to be candid with her kids approximately what her own life become like as a teen mother. "When my children hit the ages of 14-15-years-vintage, I plan on sitting them all down in my opinion and telling them my tale of being a teenage mom. I am going to expose the entirety, the grief, the hardships, the loneliness, everything. I need them to understand what I went via in order that they do not do the identical component I did."

Emma N. Is some other mother who suggests laying it on the line. "I could inform her that I would be very dissatisfied," she says. "But she could be taking obligation, and now not residing in my residence if she chooses to have and preserve the baby. You need to act grown up and get pregnant, get your very own location. "

6. Encourage Them to Gain Experience Caring for a Baby

Several Circle of Moms members offer the very realistic suggestion that parents encourage their daughters to babysit as a way to prevent undesirable pregnancies. "I did quite a few babysitting and I did not have a child till I was 28, and it turned into probable a contributing element to why I did not have infants in advance," says Nikki S. "I had no life from about 10 to sixteen due to the fact my parents had 3 toddlers in the course of that point and he or she changed into truly ill so I did the entirety for them, inclusive of all the house paintings and dinner, for 6 years. I assume the reason I had no interest in infants is ... Due to the fact I desired my personal life and to have some fun first."

7. Discuss the Options

Some Circle of Moms members say the quality manner to stave off an unwanted pregnancy is to talk about what the options could be if their daughters did get pregnant, says Christina M., as soon as a teen mother herself. Since any preference, whether adoption, teen parenting, or abortion, has results, a dialogue like this will be eye-starting for a teenager. Christina elaborates, "If she came to me pregnant, after I stopped yelling, I would gift her with her options. Abortion isn't a private alternative for me, so I could by no means advise it for my infant, but I could deliver her the pros and cons of adoption and parenting. I could make her test out an adoption business enterprise, and also sit down down with every other teenager mother to talk about teenager parenting."

Heather L. Says that even though she might be dissatisfied, she could inform her daughter that if she got pregnant, she could support her if she wanted have an abortion. "If she wanted to abort, I would help with that," she says. "If she wants to do adoption, I might help with that. And if she desires to preserve the toddler, we as a circle of relatives might do what it takes to get her through school and on her way to a profession so she can be a a success mother."

8. Realize You Can Only Try

There is handiest so much you could do to save you an undesirable being pregnant on your daughter, a lot of Circle of Moms individuals recommend. "You can not save you the whole lot/something," says Kellie B. "Our youngsters will make their own decisions, some horrific, a few accurate. All I can do is train her, communicate to her and preserve the traces of conversation open...And believe her to make the right choices for her."

9. Don't Make Sex a Taboo Subject

Many Circle of Moms participants contend that sex desires to be discussed openly. The worst element you can do is say you might not talk sex along with your daughter, says Amber N. "I'm hoping that by means of speaking frequently, supplying statistics on safety, and in no way permitting sex to be a taboo in our lives that this won't be a situation that we must cope with," she says. "I think making intercourse NOT A TABOO might be the maximum important part," has the same opinion Kayleigh L. "The extra ‘incorrect' they assume it's far, the extra tense they are going to be to attempt it. Information is key. "

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What Can We Do to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?


Half a month prior, I was at my activity helping a client when a young lady grabbed my eye. She couldn't have been more established than 15, and her paunch was too vast to possibly be covered up. She was detectably pregnant, and what struck me as more odd was that she was pushing a kid buggy with a youthful newborn child whose lone word appeared to be "mama," alluding to the young lady. I am frequently frightened when I see a to a great degree pre-adult young lady encountering parenthood when her fundamental concerns ought to be far not exactly those of raising another individual. The truth of the issue is that consistently an ever increasing number of youngsters are having kids at an alarmingly youthful age. This issue brings up the issue of what should be possible to counteract and bring down the rates of young pregnancy. To anticipate high school pregnancy, young people need an exhaustive comprehension of forbearance, preventative strategies, and results. 

In spite of the fact that there are a wide range of approaches to keep an adolescent young lady from getting to be pregnant, the special case that is completely compelling is sexual restraint. This strategy is the special case that ensures no danger of getting pregnant and shields the high schooler from getting any STD's. For a long time restraint has been seen as a choice in light of a religious or good conviction. In the article "Advancement of Sexual Abstinence: Reducing Adolescent Sexual Activity and Pregnancies," Hani R. Khouzam says, "Sexual forbearance isn't related with general wellbeing dangers and should be exhibited and advanced as the best essential anticipation for impromptu pregnancies" (2). In this article, Dr. Joycelyn Elders proposes instructing sexual forbearance as anticipation for pregnancy, not as a religious or good conviction. As per Khouzam, in an examination including 7,000 Utah adolescents, the understudies were shown one of three restraint educational modules focusing on forbearance as a pregnancy aversion strategy. They were overviewed three times in view of their dispositions on the issue. In the wake of taking the restraint educational modules, the investigations found that from these understudies, a fundamentally higher level of them remained virgins than the individuals who did not experience the program (2). With comes about like this, it ends up obvious that restraint courses in schools are a certain method to motivate teenagers to understand the duty that accompanies winding up sexually dynamic, and to make them consider staying abstinent. The more data young people are given regarding the matter, the higher the odds that they will settle on this choice. Consequently, it is imperative that young people be instructed the medical advantages of staying abstinent. 

Another type of high school pregnancy avoidance that is being educated in schools is different preventative systems. Despite the fact that restraint remains the most ideal approach to counteract pregnancy among adolescents, there are as yet an extensive number of them will's identity associated with sexual relations. Hence, it is vital that teenagers be furnished with expansive data on the most proficient method to do as such dependably utilizing different preventative systems. The vast majority of the sex training in schools comprises of one message: "Don't engage in sexual relations - however in the event that you do, utilize a condom" (Khouzam 3). The issue that ascents from this is youngsters are not being presented to broad data on the different types of anti-conception medication, condoms, and different techniques for counteractive action that are accessible. As per Helen Lippman, contraceptives are discussed in sex instruction classes, yet just as being ineffectual in averting pregnancy and illnesses (1). Additionally, these classes on contraceptives ought to incorporate data on the most proficient method to acquire the diverse strategies for anti-conception medication. Jocelyn Elders has additionally upheld school-based wellbeing centers across the nation with the motivation behind decreasing teenager pregnancy with the accessibility of contraceptives (Khouzam 3). This is an approach to guarantee prophylactic use for some youthful teenagers who, instead of heading off to their folks for help in getting conception prevention, engage in sexual relations without assurance just in light of the fact that that security isn't made accessible to them. 

For most youngsters, the genuine outcomes of having a tyke at such a youthful age are obscure. Teenagers should know about the unforgiving reality of raising an infant and the negative impacts that a spontaneous pregnancy can cause in both the mother and the tyke's lives. In the article "The Decline of Teen Marriage Is a Serious Problem," Patrick F. Fagan discusses the impacts of having a tyke with only one parent present at an exceptionally youthful age. He expresses that the mother's new posterity can encounter the accompanying: "Brought down wellbeing for babies and expanded danger of early baby passing; Retarded intellectual, particularly verbal, advancement; Lowered instructive accomplishment; Lowered employment fulfillment: Increased conduct issues; Lowered drive control; Warped social improvement; Increased Welfare reliance" (1). Adolescent moms must know about the enormous impact their posterity will have on society later on, and the high danger of the cycle rehashing once this tyke turns into a youngster. Teenagers should likewise know about the way that a spontaneous pregnancy will inflict significant damage on different parts of their lives. For instance, as Fagan calls attention to, short of what 33% of youngster mothers who have an infant before they are eighteen complete secondary school (2). At the point when presented to such data about the aftereffects of an impromptu pregnancy, adolescents are compelled to break down whether sex is justified regardless of the danger of perpetually changing their lives, and those of their future kids. 

Then again, for a few people sex is seen just as a technique for proliferation, and utilizing contraceptives and different strategies for conception prevention is essentially unnatural. This conviction is lectured by numerous religious establishments, fundamentally inside the Roman Catholic Church. In the article "The Purpose of Sex is Reproduction," Paul Murray guarantees that "Sex can't be isolated from its basic role of proliferation" (1). Numerous supporters of the Roman Catholic Church have received this guideline. In spite of the fact that the reason for sex can be however of as just for propagation by a few, it can't be limited to simply having intercourse to have youngsters for everybody. For instance, a couple that comprises of two develop grown-ups who convey a solid, stable relationship ought to have the capacity to utilize sex as an approach to express their adoration, share closeness, and extend their passionate bond. Further, the possibility that a high schooler will take this beliefthe thought that sex is just to deliver youngsters into thought while picking whether to end up sexually dynamic is an impossible and inadequate state of mind. This conviction won't keep adolescent young ladies from testing and risking getting to be pregnant. Obviously nothing will work generally, not in any case instruction, or contraception. 

So as research appears, it is the activity of guardians and schools to show adolescents about the negative impacts of young pregnancy. The guardians can emphatically impact their youngsters' choices by setting aside the opportunity to be included when the issue of sex emerges. The schools can likewise do their part by giving the important data on forestalling pregnancies and by urging youngsters to settle on mindful decisions while having intercourse. In this manner, the obligation of grown-ups is to furnish adolescents with a careful comprehension of restraint, prophylactic systems, and the results of sexual action.